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Welcome to Mubasher MISR

Welcome to Mubasher MISR home page. Mubasher MISR comes to you from StockNet MISR, leading real-time stock market information provider in Egypt.

Mubasher is a real-time Stock market information dissemination service. This subscription-based service allows stock traders and investors to watch real-time price movements in Cairo and Alex Stock Exchange (CASE) together with many other regional stock exchanges in the region.  Mubasher offers these markets at the comfort of your homes or office Pc's, Palmtops or Laptops over Internet and Satellite.

Mubasher Products offer a number of features and functions to address a wide range of customer needs. Mubasher comes in NetPlus Pro and Mobile versions with powerful and sophisticated analytical tools. All these versions allow users to watch the market real-time with or without access to the order book.

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